Body Lotion Balm

January 18, 2013

Body Lotion Balm

This winter is so cold and so very dry!!! At New Year’s Eve is even colder than NY time square!
Can you believe!? Even some one from N. California says Los Angeles is much, much colder than San Francisco!
Z recently takes lots of breakfast from school.
The most famous one is “health” Donut! (Because is made by wheat flour) O M G!!! No matter how “health” it still fry food, my son!
(His skin easily have eczema reaction when he eat too much fry food)
So the body balm it just disappear very fast (because he feels itch, itch, itch! And then he rub the balm harder and harder try to stop his itch)
My skin is also very dry almost cracking due to the weather. I did not use the body balm that with Rosehip Oil because after I tried I found out I’m allergic to it.
I want to remake small batch like 50g with very high percentage of cocoa Butter make it like white chocolate…but…look…

I put into clean sandwich bag want to take photo but the whather make it melt already...

After I tried this small batch, I feel that missing something… feels like missing wax to lock moisturizes?

I go back to try the balm that w/40% bee wax, even it feel bit sticky at beginning but it feels better than this.
The same time this blogger making body lotion balm and I feel I should try it but still want to keeps high percentage of Cocoa Butter so I adjusted base on my 50g batch and melted with add 40% Bee Wax…
Much better!
I feel the low coconut is good at S. California cause the weather. This solid lotion bar was hard when I first hold it on hand but after few rubs the surface become soft cause it start melting by my body temperature.
I made another batch (120g) with 5% Lanolin for Z’s itch skin in tube – in this way he can easily enjoy his rub & rub (@@) (40%beewax, 40% cocoa butter, 15%coconut oil, 5%Lanolin)


  1. “health” Donut?! XDDDD


    1. HA! hard to believe there is such thing call health donut right?

      蛇年行大運!!! 事事如意歲歲平安! 大家發財!