Pot 47

������ ������ ������
Dion���s Summer Mint Shower


��������� infused Grape Seed Oil 200g
������Infused Olive Oil 180g
Canola 593g

Lye Solution
NaOH 120g
Fresh Milk 200g
�� & �� coffee matte 75g

Ground Chamomile 2 tea spoons
Ground Dried Mint leaves 3 tea spoons
Mug bean powder 3 tea spoons
Ground Oat 2 tea spoon
�� & �� Coffee Matte x1, 8g

There's different between keep warm in thermos pot and the EPS polyfoam box...
The Yellow one is keep warm in the EPS polyfoam box,
The Green one is in keeps warm in the thermos pot

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  1. wow....your hand-made soaps are getting better and better! Next time may I have one shower soap that you made for Zion? Just one, I just want to let Andy try and see if he likes it ^+++^