Pot 45

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Mint Cucumber Aloe Green tea


Green Tea infused Canola oil 123g
Mint infused Canola oil 127g
Canola oil 250g

Lye solution
Water 80g
NaOH 64g

Additives: (Puree mixture)
Fresh aloe leaves, big piece, peeled.
Cucumber Juice 60g
Fresh Mint leaves, few piece
Dried Mint leaves, one hand full

Additives (Powder)
Mug bean powder 3 tea spoon
Ground Oat 3 tea spoon

9/11/2007 Reserch report

Since the Pot 43 are light green color due to wasn���t keeps warm in the thermos pot, therefore I was expect this Pot will have similar but darker green as Pot 43 after keeps warm in the thermos pot...
But, may be because it was overheat at thermos pot,
the color changed from the light green become the soft Jell-O looks dark green...

When I realize the temperature was too high and move it out from the thermos pot,
this soap already become half dark green half light green with watery feel and oily looks on the top of soap...
It was getting harder feel like others soap before overheat!!!

Tonight after I got home,
other 2 soap is about ready to remove the outer milk box,
but not this soap...

This soap inside become really wet, and looks more like...Soft egg yolk in Preserved duck eggs��� (������������)
Oh, My!
I���m glade I move it out early,
Otherwise it probably become another Pot 26~

I currently use Pot 26 as shower soap,
The wash feels is good and clean, for hot summer,
I believe this soap will have better wash feel than the Pot 26,
Because I didn���t add any coconut oil,
will just clean and moisturize well with out any dryness...
(Well, I���m hoping!) Will keep posting!
Pot 43 VS Pot 45

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